About Your Trip

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Welcome to S/V VALOR. In preparation for your upcoming trip, we want to provide you with some basic information that will ensure your sailing experience is both safe and pleasurable. Here is some basic sailing terminology that you should know.



We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure to give yourself enough time to park and load your supplies onto the boat. If this is your first time, please allow extra time to find the marina, parking, dock etc. Please do not be late.



The address for GPS directions is:

Emeryville Marina - GPS Directions
3310 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA 94608



Note: There are two marinas next to each other. The first is Emery Cove Marina. This is NOT the correct one. Keep driving until you pass EMERYVILLE MARINA.

There is a small blue office building on the right. Drive past that. You can park at any of the parking lots that look like they have available parking. The easiest way is to drive all the way to the end of the road until you reach the round-a-bout. Park as close to the round-a-bout as you can. There are bathrooms there in a blue building, and the gate you are looking for is directly behind these bathrooms. You want to be at GATE #1. The boat is located at slip #B-32. Text Eric at 202-491-6000 when you arrive at the gate and someone will be sent to let you in.



The most important thing you can bring is yourself. We are excited that you will be joining us for what we hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. After that, important things to remember are, sunscreen, warm clothing, Dramamine, and a change of clothes in case you get wet. The bay can be unpredictable, so even if it’s 90°F when we leave, if we enter a fog bank the temperature can drop quickly.  Therefore you should bring more clothing than you think you’ll need so that you don’t have to worry about being cold. Waterproof jackets are available to borrow should you need them. Please wear tennis shoes or any sort of shoes that will not scuff up the deck (such as work boots or high heels).



Your safety and the safety of everyone else onboard is our number one priority. Life jackets will be provided, and although it is not required by law, we would greatly appreciate it if you would wear them at all times when up on deck. The number one risk is a man/woman overboard situation. When walking around the boat deck, always be holding on to something. If you happen to fall overboard scream at the top of your lungs and wave your arms, and we will turn around and come pick you up. If you see someone fall overboard, yell “man overboard!!!!” point to them. Never take your eyes off of them, and continue pointing to them until the captain has turned the boat around and reached them.



A common concern for first time sailors is the fear of capsizing.  Sailing involves what is called heeling,  which means the boat can be anywhere from  0° to 45° angle at any given time.  VALOR is a full keel sailboat with 20,000 pounds of lead in the keel. What this means is that it is practically impossible for the boat to capsize.  When the boat is healed over to one side, the safest and most comfortable place for you to be will be on the high side of the boat.



It is suggested that you take Dramamine before departure. If you do feel yourself getting seasick, the best thing to do is stare at the horizon. If you find that you are going to throw up, it’s OK, just try to throw up downwind. Tips to prevent seasickness here.



Bathrooms on boats are called heads. VALOR has two heads. They are very similar to land toilets with the exception that to flush them you pump a handle instead of pushing a lever. Basically, after you use the toilet just pump the handle like crazy until the bowl has been satisfactorily emptied. There is a lever that you can toggle between left and right that will add new water to the bowl as you pump. So basically just pump and toggle that lever  until the contents of the bowl have been pumped overboard and are feeding the fish. Whatever you put into the toilet bowl gets pumped directly into the ocean, so use common sense and don’t put anything like plastic or trash into the toilet bowl. Feminine hygiene products can be placed in the trashcan next to the toilet.



Please bring whatever you want to eat with you. What has worked in the past is people bring snack foods, such as cheese and crackers, salsa and guacamole, or any other similar type of snack food, and we all share. Bring whatever you want.



You may bring alcohol aboard if you wish. However, please keep in mind that alcohol and boating can be a dangerous combination, so if you do decide to consume alcohol, please do so in moderation. Any guest who becomes intoxicated to the point that the crew determines them to be a danger to themselves or others, will be dropped off at the nearest pier and will have to find their own way back home. If there are guests under the age of 21 aboard, please do not provide them with any alcohol.



No smoking of any kind is allowed anywhere aboard VALOR. Please leave any non-prescription drugs at home or in your car.



S/V VALOR is equipped with top-of-the-line emergency gear. This includes, extra radios, a satellite phone, multiple flare guns, a thermal imager, a life raft, a trauma kit with oxygen, a full ALS drug kit, a defibrillator,  and numerous other pieces of safety equipment. Obviously the hope is that we do not have to use any of these. In an emergency, you can call 911. If the boat needs to be towed call, TOW BOAT US. If you need to reach the Coast Guard, use the boat’s radio and tune it to channel 16. The name of the boat is “S/V VALOR”,  and she is  A 56 foot sailboat. Calling 9/11 is a good option if you have a signal. The direct number to the Coast Guard dispatcher is 415-399-3530.



You will be provided with top-of-the-line Mustang Automatic life jackets. Please familiarize yourself with how they work before we embark.

There are extra life jackets underneath the cushions around the dining room table.


13. FIRE

There are fire extinguishers located throughout the boat and each of the closets. Please report any smoke or fire to the captain immediately. Our Captain is a former firefighter and has taken every precaution to reduce the risk of fires onboard.



Though not expected, donations are always appreciated . A typical afternoon sail costs approximately $300 in consumables such as fuel, propane, ice, toilet paper, etc. The average monthly expenses for the boats are $5000 each.  If you enjoyed  your experience, and would like to make a contribution that will enable other people of limited financial means to sail for free,  your donations are greatly appreciated. DONATE HERE. There is a donation box onboard the boat for cash or check donations.

Checks can be made out to Sea Valor and either mailed to:

Sea Valor, 2340 Powell Street #124, Emeryville, CA 94608

or dropped in the donation box onboard the boat.

We look forward to sailing with you!

-Sea Valor Crew