Guest Comments

Sharing your vision today aboard Valor was the highlight of my 81 years. It was not only the best Father's Day gift for me ever, but a girt for all the fathers and all the sons of our Nation. I salute you for being the gift to those who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms and values.

~ Colonel Conway Jones, USAF (Ret.)

Today was the best day I've had since leaving the military 8 years ago. The first time I've felt truly happy and free in a long time. Thank you and your crew for everything.

~ Jason H.

My kids and I had an incredible time! Thank you.

~ Sita P.

 WOW!!! Absolutely Incredible! That's all I have to say!

~ Sandy C.

I'm in awe of what you and your crew are doing. You are going to help many people, and save many lives. Much respect!

~ Kevin C.